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Schedule your 1 x 1 Discovery Call and let's work together to determine how I can help you where you currently are. Whether it's starting your business, growing your current business, or beginning in real estate investing; 

My mission is to help you start and finish strong.

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I want to make sure that you receive individualized support, accountability, and a plan tailored specifically for you. Small Business, Information Technology, Finance, and Real Estate Investing are my areas of expertise. These areas have been proven, once they are under control, to help increase wealth, scale businesses, create generational wealth, and decease stress in an individual's life. This is why I offer discovery calls to see where you are, where I can meet you, and how we can produce a plan specifically to help you obtain your goals.


In this 30 minute discovery call, we will have the opportunity to identify, understand, and set goals needed in order for you to create an actionable strategy that is right for you.

 We will have the opportunity to determine if you are a right fit for the Encourage Millions Consulting Programs and get you closer to your goal of financial freedom with real generational wealth.


My company, Encourage Millions, has helped individuals over the U.S.A. with starting their businesses, getting their finances in order, crushing their real estate goals, and attacking debt. Take a moment and read it for yourself below!

  • Thank you so much! With the help of your strategy, I was able to close my first wholesale real estate deal in less than a month. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible! - R.S.
  • I was already able to get one of my collection accounts removed since watching your webinar two weeks ago! - D.G.
  • The knowledge and experience I gained from Tiffani at Encourage Millions was incredible. When I first started my journey of renewing my faith in the credit system, my score was in the low 500s. Tiffani taught me how not to fear creditors and to use the knowledge and skills from her coaching to get my debt paid off or removed. My score is moving to the high 700s and I am excited about all the new opportunities that having great credit can afford me and my family. - B.W.
  • Tiffani has helped me in so many ways. She taught me how to use dispute letters to remove things off my credit. My credit score went up after disputing my debt and I am more aware of my spending habits. - J.J.